Best urine stain remover from carpet

Best of all, with our urine remover, dogs and cats won’t return the scene of the crime. Find It Treat It Kit comes with an LED urine finder which ensures that you are able to locate and effectively treat all areas where urine is hiding. Try Urine Off today, with our 30 Money Back Guarantee and get rid of those stains. Need to get rid of those Urine Stains fast? Stop by the As Seen On TV Section of your local store and get your kit today. Sign up for newsletter today. Does this sound familiar you’ve just walked in the door from a busy day at work only to discover that your beloved furry friend has relieved themselves in the middle of your living room.

You try to blot up as much as possible, then reach under the kitchen sink and pull out a bottle of cleaner and apply to the scene of the crime. Then continue on about your evening. You wake up the next morning, only to discover that the stain had never disappeared. You scratch your head and try to cover the odors up with candles and febreze. The exact same thing happened to me for years until I figured out what I’m about to share with you. Only work in favorable situations.

Temperature is one of the biggest «enzyme inhibitors» blocking enzymes from working on your stain. Detergent based cleaners can be helpful as long as you can completely remove it from the carpet after the stain is gone. Ever notice those urine smells resurrecting on sweaty, humid summer days? This is caused by using a product that contained salts. Salt is known for absorbing moisture, so on your humid summer days, the salt left in your carpet from these cleaners bonds with the moisture in the air and re-ignites your urine smell. Just need to add some tap water to a concoction and apply it to your carpet?

Commonly used in the tie dyeing process to «set» in your colors, vinegar can have the exact same effect when applied to pet stains. Keep the vinegar away from your stains and carpet at all costs! Does your furry little friends bed have a bit of a distasteful scent? Want to make sure those accidents on the concrete are completely clean and bacteria free? Unable to flip the couch cushions over to hide the stains? In the middle of the «potty training» phase? Cat pee on that pile of laundry again?

The job usually takes 2-3 hours. When would you like us to come out. I was hesitant to purchase your product from the ad i saw on Facebook. I’ve tried it all to get rid of stains and smells from my fur babies — two shih tzus. I’ll try it and if it doesn’t work then I’ll start saving money to replace the carpet. I’m a huge fan and have been telling all of my friends with pets about it.

Thanks from a Huge Fan! I was skeptical of the claims of your products because I have tried so many. Our cat had urinated on our carpet and male cat pee has such a strong odor. Your product is almost too good to be true. You have a loyal customer in me going forward. Best stuff I have ever used!

I am sharing my orders with my 79 year old dad, who can’t squat to clean spots that the dog makes. He loves it as much as I do! Old stains that he couldn’t get out of the carpet, are gone! Thanks for a great product! The order did come today and I waited until I tried it on the «spot». Took several times, but it is almost gone. I have used everything else I could think of and have not had as much luck as with your product. I will be ordering more! Although I’m the proud parent of one dog and two cats, I do not like the odors that sometimes comes with all their cuteness. But it happens, no matter how hard you try to prevent it.

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