Cat keeps urinating on clothes

Please help with any ideas of how to make her go back to using her litter box. No changes in the household. I can’t help you I’m afraid, but my cat only used to pee on white organza curtains. But such is feline psychology!

The easy way is to keep your dirty clothes picked up! If you don’t do this already, I would suggest that maybe you keep your dirty clothes in a hamper until you are ready to wash them. Hide the temptation from the cat — she will have to go back to her litter box. Why not just buy a hamper with a lid on it? You can find some decent ones for maybe about ten dollars. There sure seems to be a lot of judgemental, self-righteous people out there! I’ll bet all of you felt so much better after responding so rudely to Debbie’s post!

Of course dirty laundry NEVER touches any of YOUR floors! You folks need to get a life! Since this is unusual for your cat to do this, I would take her to the vet for a checkup. Our pets sometimes act out of character when they are not well. That is their way of «telling» us. If her health checks out I would confine her to a small room with her clean litter box.

Put her food and water dishes and something to sleep on in the room also. But do not keep her dishes near her litter box. Under no circumstances let her out. We had to do this with a cat we adopted. We kept her in our bathroom for one week. You must go visit her and play with her during her time in there. Warning: she may cry and howl for awhile.

Our vet told us to do this and it did work for us. Just for the record, my cat does this too. But came back from trip and left dirty clothes near suitcase and he peed on them. He’s very healthy, happy, structured, clean, in great environment — so I’m just as curious! My cat or catswe aren’t sure who was doing itliked to pee on the clothes too! Mostly towels or the kids clothes.

We bought some Rubbermaid bins with LIDSvery importantwe found out that they don’t mind climbing in to pee either! ONLY on the kids toysdirectly onto itmy son left his gameboy on the floor and one of them peed right on the screenwhat aim I tell ya! At least the kids know to pick up the toys now! I recently adopted a second cata 4 year old male from the humane society. When I’d return home from work, I’d smell that foul odor only cat urine could produce! It took me a while to find the source but after a couple days I found several spots of urine on clothes that I’d leave on the floor.

I gave him extra attention when I was home, and recentlyabout 3 weeks into his adoption, this behavior has subsided. Needless to say, my leaving cloths on the floor behavior has subsided as well! Boy did he straighten me up! I have a weird one for you, my boyfriend moved in 3 months ago, and my cat was fine but now, he pees only on my boyfriends clothes, in a pile of both our clothes my cat found his stuff and peed on it. I have a female cat that pees on dirty clothes. And I have read your answers about getting a hamper. I make rounds to pick them up. Could this be because she’s becoming sexually mature? She lives with two male cats. I used to work at a vet clinic and we got this question all of the time. If your cat is neutered the problem can probably be fixed. You have to ensure a pristine litter box for your cat, pick up the laundry and clean all areas that the cat urinated on — twice, with bleach or specialty cleaner designed for pet odors — to ensure the smell is gone. If they can smeel their own smell at all, they will continue to go there. Then, you should probably go to the vet to ensure your cat does not have a UTI. The vet I worked for said that sometimes cats will associate the pain of urinating when they have an infection with where they are goinig and not the act of going itself.

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