Cat marking territory with head

So just what is this behavior all about? The bunting and rubbing are reserved for bonding, social, comforting and friendly purposes. When your cat engages in head bunting or head rubbing, he is placing his scent there as a social and affectionate gesture. Cat-to-cat head bunting and allorubbing are reserved for cats who already have a familiar and friendly relationship. Lip rubbing is often reserved for marking objects.

Bunting may also be used as an attention-seeking behavior if your cat butts his head up against you and then tucks it down or turns to the side. Past experience has told him when he displays this behavior you typically respond by petting or scratching him in his favorite places. For the cat to place his face so close to yours and engage in this bonding behavior is quite an act of trust. Scent communication is far more complex than that. The reason a cat uses scent depends on his immediate circumstances and the part of his body he uses. When your cat comes face to face with you and bunts or rubs, enjoy it. Pam Johnson-Bennett, answers 150 of the most-asked cat behavior questions.

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How Often Should My Cat Poop? One of my tabbies does this to me all the time. My fluffy orange tabby, Simba, does this to me all the time. I had wondered what that was all about. And yes, with him it really is a mouthful of hair. SHe will wake me up for a good belly rub.

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If there is too much padding to feel your cat’s ribs, your cat is overweight! Knocking things off tables seems to be a favorite feline behavior. Here are some reasons why. Copyright 2018, All Rights Reserved. Cat Behavior Problems cat spraying. Again, this is cat talk.

Cat diapers may be needed but it may be a senior cat issue, not a behavioral problem. Blaze does this so well she looks like a raccoon. The life of a domestic cat is similar to us being their mother. Go to Cat Hair Loss — cat grooming to excess or allergies in cats? Also, their shipping is fast. Lively, loving, dislikes being alone. Likes to be petted, quiet, easy-going. Go to Cat Behavior . Having trouble finding what you need? Do you have a question to ask? Do you have a cat story to share? Simply click here to go to that page! This website is for information only. Consult your veterinarian for medical assistance. Go to Cat Diseases feline disease such as cat liver disease, FLUTD, etc.