Cat scratch fever lyrics

Regarding his songwriting technique, Nugent says he keeps a notebook with song titles and lyric ideas, and he writes music in his dressing room before shows. When he plays his guitar and some music comes out that fits one of his titles, he puts them together and works on the song. I don’t think that it is of too much consequence! Mark, Nugent hasn’t killed anymore and I’ll take him over your Donkeycrat girlymen.

I think Ted liked Ketamine too much. Ted Nugent is to American Hard Rock music, as what Apple Pie is to the United States. A symbol of American Heritage. Cat Scratch Fever» is a rock song by Ted Nugent that appears on thecalbum ofthe same name. The song is well known for its signature riff, which is a 3-tone «blues scale» melody harmonized in parallel fourth. In 2009 it was named the 32nd best hard rock song of all time by VH1. The tune was covered by Pantera for the Detroit Rock City CD soundtrack.

Their version peaked at 40 on the Mainstream Rock chart. Nugent criticized the version claiming, «It was exceedingly white. No soul, no balls, no feel. Nugent later released more possitive comments on the group and even mourned the death of Dimebag Darrell saying, «It’s a heartbreaker. May, 1977 on Epic Records. I know a girl who thought that the title was «Jack Scrath Tea-Bird»! He spends much of his time hunting dears and has his own hunting show on Outdoor Network .

Energizer Rabbit came in and stopped him as the announcer says , «Still going. Nothing outlast the Energizer battery. And mark which is about six mor than you’ll ever have for I suspect you are even a more minor player in you narrow world. Enjoy your john lennon yeah he’s a rocker. Holmes sang lead vocals on «Just What the Doctor Ordered» and «Dog Eat Dog». Holmes did not sing lead on «Cat Scratch Fever». I thought this site was about music?

Hey Mark from Byrdstown, at least he doesnt play any Dixie Chicks songs in concert! Has anyone seen their latest CD cover? Those broads look like the freakin’ Addams Family! THE MOTOR CITY MADMAN FOREVERGuys who bring a knife to gun fight, NEVER! Nugent had about 5 good songs. Now that he has become this crazed macho Republican killing machine I cant even listen to any of his 5 songs.

Nugent is a minor player in the world of rock. Cat scratch fever Chords by Ted Nugent Learn to play guitar by chord and tabs and use our crd diagrams, transpose the key and more. They give me cat scratch fever! I went and see the Dr. The greatest songs ever written about cats. Turn up the volume, sit back, and let’s get down to business!

I know it’s hard to think of a time before the Internet, but there was, and cats were still as pervasive in pop culture as they are now. This song captures that swagger perfectly. Cat Scratch Fever in a scientific manner. Despite his technical inaccuracies and shameless come ons in the lyrics, it’s hard to not get into the hard rock vibe and sing along to this classic tune. In the book, the protagonist, Hurtle, is horrified when he discovers his lover’s husband drowned a bag of stray cats. Smith must have been appalled as well, because his lyrics are about hanging out with a lover as if they were stray cats, laying around and wandering about the streets. OK, so this song may be about a large wildcat, but what cat hasn’t thought of themselves as a ferocious wild cat whose jungle is your laundry room? Have you noticed a trend with these songs? A lot of them have an easy, breezy vibe about them.