Cat urine mouse repellent

Mothballs are a combination of chemicals designed to give off deadly vapors for moths and insect larvae. People assume that because mothballs are affective in this scenario that the little, white pellets will be effective against any nuisance animal. Think about a box of mothballs and your personal reaction to it. If you can sit a few feet away from an open box of mothballs and not be bothered, what makes you certain that rodents will pack up their bags and leave at the sight of the substance? But rodents won’t eat the mothballs. Just like a person can sit in the same room and be unaffected, so, too, can a mouse.

You would have to put an enormous amount of mothballs out to keep mice away from your property, and if you used that insane quantity, chances are you wouldn’t be able to live there either. Don’t waste your time on the mothball trial. When it comes to mice, the little creatures living in your home because it’s safe and warm, trapping and removal is the only control method. Lethal trapping and proper home maintenance will do more for your home than a truck load of mothball boxes. If you think peppermint oil is too good to be true—you’re right. Interestingly enough, in aroma therapy trials on animals, peppermint oil has more calming effects of mammals than adverse effects. For peppermint oil to bother a mouse, it would have to be applied topically to the rodent in a high enough concentration to cause skin irritation.

If you place peppermint oil on a cotton ball and toss it into a mouse hole, the rodents will simply avoid it. The smell will be too strong for them to willingly approach the saturated cotton, but it’s not a smell that will raise alarm. Mice have no natural aversion to peppermint and will not associate the scent with anything dangerous. If forced to, mice will cover the offending cotton ball or push it out of the hole. Peppermint oil is the naturalist’s attempt at the same repellent theory involved when using mothballs for rodent control. Both methods are ineffective and wastes of time. If you need to remove mice from your home or business, they need to be trapped and removed.

The natural deterrent in Shake Away is very effective. Easy to use Animal Repellent Infused with the Strongest Force in Nature, gets rid of Critters Guaranteed. NATURAL — Nature’s Most Powerful Repellent the Strongest Force in Nature. What does all this mean? Outdoorsman have utilized this secret for years. EASIEST — No Spray, No Mess, Just Sprinkle.

What is easier than applying Shake-Away? No messy spray applicators or contraptions that require constant attention. It’s kind of like putting salt on your vegetables. SAFEST — around Children, Plants and Pets. Shake-Away is organic and OMRI approved. It is safe to use around children, plants and pets. Our formula uses only natural ingredients.

Critter Repellent does not even harm the animals you wish to get rid of! What other product does all that? GUARANTEED — You see results or we provide a refund. Our guarantee is this simple: Use Shake-Away as directed for at least 2 weeks. If you don’t experience improvements in repelling pests from your yard, garden or home, we will refund the Shake-Away product price for up to 45 days from date of purchase. Simply send us a copy of your invoice, your container lid and the reason you are requesting a refund. We Have an Animal Repellent for Your Pests Problems!

Believe it or not, the day before I had lots of digging in and around my flower beds and in between my newly planted grass. After talking with people and searching the internet for ideas, I decided to try critter repellent mainly because it was inexpensive and easy to apply. I sprinkled it around the perimeter of my garden twice and my green beans are growing. If I have any trouble this year with raccoon in my corn, I plan on trying the deer and large animal repellent. Heavy applications do NOT make the product work better. Apply Shake-Away around the specific area where the animals are doing damage. For example, if an animal is eating your flowers in one area of your gardens, that is the area you want to focus on treating. For areas that are heavily damaged, may want to apply closer together but in the same sized application. Shake level-tablespoon sized quantity at least every 6 feet on or around plants, bulbs, bushes, flowers and trees in your garden or flowerbed. Shake level-tablespoon sized quantity into every hole you find in your yard, garden, flowerbeds, along foundations, etc. Place a tablespoon sized application on a paper plate or directly on the ground. Shake-Away will last longer in enclosed spaces. Replace every two to start, four weeks for maintenance or as needed. Be sure to «plug» the areas through which the critters are entering after they leave. Shake-Away works great placed inside old sections of nylon stockings.