Does cat spray smell

Can i use this one for raccoons ? Vinegar is a great non-toxic weed killer for your yard, between cracks in concrete, etc. Do not spray it on your indoor plants. If your cats are getting into your indoor plants, lightly crunch up some tin foil and place it on top of the soil, covering the soil from the stalk of the plant to the edge of the plant container. And it lasts a very long time, no offgassing or toxins in your air. I use raised beds for gardening, and when I filled one with fresh potting soil, some critter got into it and dug up everything, plus emptying some smaller containers, three nights in a row.

I’m not entirely sure what critter, cat or raccoon, was doing it but I solved the problem with forks. I bought a box of 100 «everyday» plastic forks and planted them tines up in the dirt. What ever was digging dug just a tiny bit of dirt out of one container, the stopped, and I had no more damage when I added even more new raised beds and containers. So, I consider forks an effective «organic» cat deterrent. I saw your comment and tried it last night and the cats have stayed out of my vegetable containers. I will use this tip every year for my garden now.

Are you not worried about the plastic leeching baddies into your soil? Maybe try the potato starch forks? It works like a charm. What are the measurements for the ingredients, or is it just guesstimate how much to put in? How do you keep the rosemary from clogging the sprayer? Next day fresh cat poos everywhere. Does not perturb them at all.

What are the ratios or measurements? I must have a go with this one,have tried so many remedies without any success so far! I made up the mix as instructed, put it in my spray bottle, and promptly plugged it upsolid. The mix is now steeping, after heating it up in the microwave. I will then FILTER IT, and then put it in the spray bottle. How come I don’t see the quantities required for the citrus spray? Can i use malt vinegar, as i have this in the house already?

You can use coffee grounds for your garden. They not only repel cats, but have various benefits. I personally have a dog at home and I use coffee grounds in my pots and garden. Hmm, try pouring a barrier of the repellent around the garden instead of spraying it. I want to try this on my neighbor’s cat who keeps eating my birds and bunnies. I have a lot of feeders and this cat is driving me nuts. Will this harm the squirrels and bunnies that come into my yard?

I don’t want to get rid of them. Could I spray on curtains too? Will it keep them out of the christmas tree? Did u test it out yet? I use this to keep neighborhood cats off my patio. It worked for 6 months for me! I want him out of my garden, I saw it peeing in one spot.

How I should use this repellent? Should I use it in that spot or the whole garden? How much of each do you use? I use about 3 parts vinegar, 1 part lemon juice, and 1 part rosemary. Is it something about the combination of those smells that retreat? We have a big rosemary shrub outside our window and the cat that comes to visit our cat doesn’t seem to mind sitting next to it. Are you sure it is rosemary? I only ask because fresh growing rosemary is the BEST cat repellent of all time! I use it in cooking all the time. Maybe that cat has a poor sense of smell or something. I’ll have to offer a sprig to my cat and see what the reaction is. My cat sprays the bathroom carpet? I would use this on your carpets and anywhere you don’t want naughty behavior!

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