My cat has started peeing and pooping in the house

He never use to go potty in the house except for very rarely. For about 6 months now every few days he will go in the house. I will let him outside along with my other dog many many times during the day and night. We have had both dogs for over a year and they are both adult dogs. They play together and everything so I don’t think that it’s any problem with the other dog.

I will let the dogs outside and leave them be out there for 20 minutes to a half hour, sometimes longer. Both dogs have had free range of the house until recently. We have gotten a kennel for the wiener dog. They get let out at about 8am and every 2-3 hours during the day and the last time at night is around 2-3am. He doesn’t do it at night. Just during the day when we are all home. Sometimes he will go out and come in and within 10 minutes he goes on the carpet.

I don’t know what to do. I have tried all the potty training tips that I have used on all my other animals. I give him lots of praise when he goes outside, along with treats. I don’t think that it’s a medical issue because it’s not just pee or poop, it’s both sometimes. I’m debating on getting rid of the dog because I can’t get him to stop. Lately she has been leaving her poop either on my couch or bed. I don’t understand why she all of a sudden started doing this.

She would pee no problem on the pad, but never poop on the same pad. So I have been trying to train her to poop on the same pad or a different one, but just pad training to pee on the pad took a long long time and just this week she pooped twice on the couch where I sit a lot and once on the my bed. She does sleep with me in my bed, but had never done this ever before! Why is she doing this? You may have to go back to crate training her, or else make a point of training her to not do it. When she successfully completes the poo, give her praise and a treat. I had gone to bed.

He is acting normal apart from the obvious and I haven’t changed his diet, and cannot begin to think why he has done this. Can anyone help me please? This is happening because most dogs suffer from seperation anxiety because to the dog you are a member of its pack so it wants to be with you all the time so its best if you let the dog sleep in the same room as you. I have a three year old Shih Tzu, who is potty trained with full access to the backyard all day. It has been over a couple of months since she started to pee and poo around the house. At first the accidents would happen when we would leave her door closed or when it would be raining, and she would do only on the carpet. This week, she began going on the tile, that she has never done before.

I don’t know what is going on with her, sometimes I think she needs to be reminded of who is the boss. Another thing is that I am pregnant, and I wonder if she senses that and somehow is reacting to the soon to be here new member of the pack. I’m thinking about going back to square one of the training with her, leaving her crated while at work, giving some tough love, etc. Am I on the right path? Housebreaking can be so frustrating, and it’s not a once and done deal. Take your dog to the vet to be sure it’s not a urinary infection. If everything tests clear, then yes, go back to square one with housebreaking.

Crate when you’re not home, limited access to the house when you can supervise, and ample opportunities to potty outside. Lab Pit mix at the beach. He has been moved a few times before and has never had this problem. About a week or so after moving he started peeing and pooping in the house. I corrected him with a spanking and making sure he went on even longer walks in the mornings and evenings, because that is his routine. He stopped for a week or 2 and then I decided to get a kitten and now it’s worse than before. 7 he will pee or poop in the same spots in my living room. Anyone please help me figure it out. First of all, spanking a dog after the fact never does any good.