What can you do to keep a cat from spraying

Not because marked things are safer, but because the information gathered through spraying makes the territory safer. It’s not to show supremacy or claim possession. A sprayer actually expects other cats to spray over. It helps to know if other cats visit there. Basically this and the previous point mean that as long as the corner smells like urine, a cat will want to re-mark it. If your cat sprays upon your belongings after scolding, believe it or not your cat thinks this may improve your relationship.

Besides urine spraying, cats also mark their territories with scents from their cheeks and forehead, as well as through scratching furniture. There are many reasons why cats spray, but the two primary ones are to find a sexual partner and secure their territory. Happens in the vast majority of cases. Within a few weeks, up to a month after neutering. So for most of you, neutering your cat will be the only action necessary to stop spraying. However, if your cat’s spraying does not stop after neutering, keep reading below.

It’s a natural behavior caused by the hormone testosterone, which is produced in the testes. What are benefits and losses of spaying and neutering a cat? If your cat did not stop spraying after neutering, you either need to wait a little longer, or sexual advertising was not the only reason your cat sprays and you need to find out what the reason is. Here we identify several possible causes of urine marking by cats. Since urine marking is a form of communication between cats, most likely it is caused by other cats, even if you have a single indoor cat. Add more litter boxes in several locations, more water and food bowls, and more napping locations.

Seeing outdoor cats is a common reason why indoor cats spray urine. Do not punish or yell at your cat for urine marking or other behavior problems. Disallow as few things as possible. Involve the person in feeding the cat or playing and petting. Signs of cat aggression, or how to save your skin? Try to make any changes to your routine as gradually as you can.

If possible, make changes gradually, and if you can’t, ensure your cat gets a ton of attention and playtime. Stress makes a cat less confident, alarmed, and willing to secure territory by spraying. What’s worrying is that in many cases a specific cause of stress is hard to identify, and often there is more than one cause that contributes to accumulating stress. Cat is stressed due to pain or discomfort, or a medical condition is messing with its hormones. Visit a veterinarian if you have the tiniest of doubts, especially if you tried everything to stop your cat from urine marking without any success. Cats mark their older spots to, let’s say, update them, and cats spray over markings of other cats to, let’s say, reply.

If the spot smells previously marked, it’s a good reason to add to it. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to use household cleaning detergents to get rid of cat urine smell. It works well for you, but for your cat, whose nose is more sensitive than yours, the urine smell is still there and that means the urge to spray upon it is still there. How to clean cat urine? These are usually enzymatic cleaners that do not mask the smell, but literally eliminate odor-causing molecules. How to find cat urine? But do you know where to clean?

At least you think you do. A cat’s urine scent can last for as long as a few months. That means you have to clean all the spots your cat has sprayed upon during this time. Black light is an ultraviolet light under which certain substances glow, including cat urine. This is what you need to clean as described above. The next step to stop your cat’s spraying behavior is to make new associations for your cat about the previously marked spot. Can you use it in the household environment? Playing equals hunting, and cats do not mark near where they hunt, because if they do their prey animals will be gone the next day. Use an interactive toy and have a few 15 minute play sessions near the place where your cat marks. Repeat daily for at least a week to see significant improvement, and continue to play regularly with your cat after that. Again, eating is a part of the hunting process. If you free feed, place part of the food available at the location.

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