Why does my female cat pee everywhere

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 4. I can see his pink thing! I told Mike in horror. He thought it was hysterical. Apparently, he had already seen Rory’s pink thing long ago, but I have no idea why he wouldn’t tell me that cats have retractable penises that look oddly menacing for something smaller than my pinky finger. Rory has going on, I feel like our entire relationship has changed. I mean, I liken what happened between us to a mother walking in on her teenage son jerking off with a full bottle of Jergens on the nightstand beside him.

It was obvious he was likely licking his pink thing for pleasure, not cleanliness, so I had to wonder—does the blanket kneading give Rory a kitty boner? Every time he’s purring, does his pink thing sneak out for an appearance? When he sleeps on my pillow by my head, is it possible there’s funny business going on? As a post-pink thing viewing female owner of a male cat, I feel this strange need to be more aware of his masculinity. At least with a human boy their little wee-wee is out there from the jump, and eventually they’ll pee on your face when you’re changing their diaper, so you’re really forced to accept that they have junk. We’ve had Rory for over two years now, and this is the first appearance his pink thing has made in my presence.

Is he in his teenage phase now? Is there a cat puberty? In two years’ time he’s seen me naked, creeped on me in the shower, and had serious some voyeuristic tendencies. I’m not so vain as to think my charms transcend the bounds of species attraction, but it all feels a little weird now that I’ve seen my cat’s dick. HE HAS A TINY, THREATENING DICK. Take a second and think about your pets as sexual beings for a second. I mean, sure, we rationally know that they have those parts, but this is why it’s so horrifying when a dog humps your leg: we don’t want to think about our pets having sexual urges.

It’s weird and oddly complicates our relationship. They’re just our furry, asexual best friends who aren’t judgmental or horny and derive all the pleasure they need in life from our pleasant company and scratches under the chin. I’m going to try to act the same around Rory, but there’s definitely a weird vibe every time he cleans himself or purrs unusually loudly. When you learn your cat has a pointy, pink penis, it makes you bashful. He’s still my baby, though. And if ever anyone needed more proof, I’m still a crazy cat lady.

PS: Okay, so I said the hell with it. Upon withdrawal of a cat’s penis, the spines rake the walls of the female’s vagina, which may cause ovulation. Ladies, never scoff at a small penis again because other creatures have SPINES. Katie Hoffman is a writer living in the suburbs of Chicago. She enjoys leftovers, lunges, and laughs. 11″,»credit»:»»,»camera»:»Canon EOS 6D»,»caption»:»Female hand holding a pen and writing a plan in a planner»,»created_timestamp»:»1434043557″,»copyright»:»»,»focal_length»:»60″,»iso»:»100″,»shutter_speed»:»0.

What You Say Your Resolutions Are vs. I am about to adopt my first male kitten ever, and now you’ve got me concerned. I HAVE actually thought about it because, having never had a male pet before, I know it’s got to be there somewhere. Thankfully he was neutered young, maybe that’s a plus. Maybe I should just stick to female pets. OMG you guys are going to laugh at me however it was my usual morning I’m very ill fibromyalgia and Guillain-Barre syndrome so mostly I’m stuck in bed and prior to my son leaving 2go visit with his brother he had come into the room and dumped this kitten on me and I’m like what am I supposed to do with this?

Well he knows how I feel about animals and people taking responsibility and accountability for their pet. With that said he named the cat savvy we were so clueless I was for sure that he was a girl until just this morning I saw daddy cleaning herself her genital Parts as I walk back from the bathroom and this little pink thing sticking up? I do not like ignorance whatsoever it is a big pet peeve of mine. God so help me I think Sammy the bull but I’m still not sure with her thin frame her soft meows and her cute little face that looks so feminine don’t laugh at me I don’t approve of gay people but I don’t judge them I’m a firm believer Live and Let Live God’s job is the judges and there is no way I’m stepping in on my Lord and Savior ground or territory. However for the last 2 months because the She I thought I had was so little we were feeding her baby milk and everything and she would come and milk off of my heating blanket which I thought was weird she my right side by side with me in just milk on it because she was so tiny I didn’t stop her and she grew over the month I’m thinking I think I need to wean her from this or maybe she would ween herself. I’m still dumbfounded maybe I’m sitting here in a disbelief all this time I thought I had a girl kitten and I would have to take her to get her neutered because I know they make those outrageous calls when they’re in heat that could literally drive you crazy. The only other experience I have with kittens was 1 years ago before I joined the war which you know you lose memories when the brain is overloaded and then I had a Maine Coon which my dog unfortunately kills I knew for sure Carly was a girl and that’s Carly with the k it’s just spelling it this way unfortunately I have to talk my words instead of typing them due to injuries in the war however somebody please answer me. I don’t want it to change our relationship but I think it has to some extent as I sit here and watch what I was so sure of was a little girl my little darling girl inshot curled up at my feet as always and when I sleep she sleeps on my chest or on my side protecting me even from my own chihuahuas. I feel like an idiot if this is a boy which I’m for sure now it is a boy I’m just in denial. I don’t know I really don’t I don’t know how the organs of cats look I’m not going there and I’m not going down there I’m not taking her to a veterinarian I can’t afford it right now I am asking for some serious help you folks do I have a Savage instead of savvy LOL and those who knew Fred Savage as they grew up the star male from The Wonder Years. Now I feel like I’m part of The Wonder Years I’m wondering if I have a boy or a girl I know this is hilarious to some of you because of all the cliches but this is just truly how I speak I’m just me. I’m stunned thinking all this time I had a girl calling her mama’s little girl she follow me everywhere even to the bathroom shower at the kitchen she sits at the bar still waiting for me to give her some food and now I’m finding out maybe she is a damn he you guys have to excuse my rambling this is a shock to and I’m a little overwhelmed because I have PTSD from the war and this cat has really calms me having the PTSD.

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